About Holly

Holly Min is the dynamic founder and creative mastermind behind the imaginative menu items from Not Yo Mama’s Pantry! This Los Angeles-based chef, baker & food lover has single-handedly captured the taste buds of local and neighboring cities surrounding the beautiful South Bay in Los Angeles California.  Holly strives for original, innovative and never before seen creations where all her recipes are developed and tested from her own heart and soul. 

Holly began her journey to becoming a food expert when she started cooking at the age of 9. As a second generation Korean American raised in the City of Angels, the inspiration and myriad of ingredients were limitless. It was known by high school that she wanted to become a professional within the food service industry; and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Food Service & Restaurant Management from Long Beach State University. After graduating she worked managing establishments all throughout the South Bay including full and quick service restaurants, bakeries/patisseries, and manufacturing plants. After a decade in the food service industry, Holly returned to academia and graduated summa cum laude with her Masters degree in counseling psychology.  Being a mental health professional for 10 years in private practice had allowed her to help serve an under-served population with healing and growth. However with the pandemic impacting all professions it was unexpected how this would play out in all areas of life for Holly and her young son. 

Not Yo Mama’s Pantry started as a small cottage food service during the pandemic shut down while Holly was staying home with her son Ben as he started the 3rd grade virtually. That shift foisted obstacles and she refocus on her bachelors degree in food service which allowed her to capitalize on the need for outside food options and services for her community. Holly started sharing some of her homemade meals that she has been making for decades with her community. Having the platform where she can share her favorite recipes, she was also able to create new concoctions that have become household favorites. Holly continues to test out new and innovative recipes that reflect her Korean culture, beach lifestyle and diverse Angeleno pride.